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Finikounda is a quiet seaside village on the southwestern part of Messinia, between Koroni and Methoni. It belongs to the Municipality of Pylos-Nestor and has 677 residents. Finikounda is located 295 km from Athens and 60 kilometers from the capital of the prefecture, Kalamata.

In Finikounda you will find many restaurants and taverns with fresh fish, coffee houses, bars and a variety of tourist shops, for your shopping and entertainment.

The last few years, Finikounda is a major touristic destination of Messinia. Visitors will have the chance to visit a variety of beaches, all with crystal clear waters. They will be able to choose between sandy or pebbly, cosmopolitan or isolated, beaches that are perfect for swimming and diving or the ones that offer total relaxation. Moreover they will have the chance to taste the delicious dishes of the Messinian cuisine.