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The castle of Methoni was built in 1209 AD by the Venetians and is a prominent landmark at of the southwest of Peloponnese. It is well preserved and a fine example of the medieval castles of Greece. Next to the castle, there is the fortified islet of Mpourtzi. The two are connected by a small arch bridge.

The castle was a bone of contention for all the great powers of the old times because of its strategic position, as it was the gate between East and West. Franks, Ottomans and Venetians coveted the region for their economic and diplomatic interests.

The heyday of the castle was between the 1st Venetian Domination, i.e. from the 13th to 15th century, while its final decline occurred around 1828, when most of the population moved outside of the walls.

The castle attracts thousands of tourists annually, provoking memories of its past glorious times.