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Welcome to the brand new apartment complex “Abelia Villas” situated in Finikounda of Messinia. Our complex covers an area of 6 acres and consists of three buildings. Each of them has two floors, while the whole complex offers a clear view of the Messinian Gulf, the islands Schiza and Sapienza, and the cape Venetiko.

Our comfortable rooms and luxurious villas provide privacy, exude cozy warmth to visitors, and create a pleasant feeling with their soft and modern color combinations, their elegant and minimal décor and their luxurious amenities. The complex offers three different types of accommodation: the Family Suites, the Junior Pool Suites and the Junior Suites.

The creators of “Abelia Villas” in Finikounda of Messinia emphasized not only in luxury but also in refined aesthetics, all fully harmonized with the natural landscape. The unmatched quality, the excellent construction and the carefully selected amenities and services, create dreamy summer holidays. The staff of the complex is always available to serve your every need and show you the generous spirit of Greek hospitality.

Each point of “Abelia Villas” is designed to offer you maximum comfort and combine luxurious accommodation with beautiful surroundings. The beautiful gardens in the surrounding area, the swimming pools overlooking the endless blue of the Messinian Gulf, the exclusive amenities and our unique hospitality, promise a memorable holiday experience that will undoubtedly seduce you!